Anti-Iranian Racism is Patriotic, Part 1

This article is the first in a two-part series.  Part 2 will be posted on Thursday. By NAVID FARNIA “It seems to me quite obvious that our country and the entire Western world is up against an existential foe that knows exactly what it wants…and we’re behaving like a collapsing empire,” Frank Miller told NPR.  … Continue reading

What is Democracy?

By NAVID FARNIA In 1899, poet Rudyard Kipling wrote “The White Man’s Burden: The United States and the Philippine Islands.”  He wrote the piece after the U.S. annexed the Philippines from Spain as a result of the Spanish-American War.  The poem conveyed the white man’s responsibility to “civilize” non-white peoples around the world.  Kipling touted … Continue reading

How David Stern Whitewashed the NBA

By NAVID FARNIA After thirty years as the NBA’s commissioner, David Stern retired on February 1st, relinquishing the post to his protégé, Adam Silver.  In recent days, many columnists, television commentators and former players have lauded Stern’s work and christened him the greatest commissioner in sports history.  “David Stern, who in my opinion has been … Continue reading

Richard Sherman and America’s War on “Thugs”

By NAVID FARNIA Last week, I read an article in Esquire entitled “The Manifesto of Ascendancy for the Modern American N****r” (asterisks added by me), which was written by Black writer, producer and director John Ridley and published in November 2006.  Championing figures like Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell, Ridley argues that “ascendant” Blacks should … Continue reading

Critical Writing and Political Censorship

By NAVID FARNIA   During the writing process, I occasionally find myself stuck between what I want to and what I should say.  While I want to be completely blunt, I realize this is not the most constructive way to make a convincing argument.  As a result, I usually conclude that finding a middle ground, where … Continue reading

Mindless Misogyny in Men’s Sports

By NAVID FARNIA This April, a video surfaced showing Rutgers men’s basketball coach Mike Rice physically and verbally abusing players during practice.  In the video, Rice threw basketballs at players when they made mistakes, and he repeatedly pushed them around.  He also routinely used sexist and homophobic slurs to insult players.  A media firestorm subsequently … Continue reading

Syria Under Fire, Egypt Under the Radar, U.S. Bombs Away (Part 3)

Note: This is the third article in a three-part series examining the U.S.’s role in the Middle East.  Part 1, which specifically looked at the U.S.’s push for military strikes on Syria, can be found here.  Part 2, which analyzed U.S.-Egypt relations, is here. By NAVID FARNIA   Early in its nationhood, the United States dealt … Continue reading

Syria Under Fire, Egypt Under the Radar, U.S. Bombs Away (Part 2)

Note:  This is the second article in a three-part series.  Part 1, which examined potential U.S. intervention in Syria, can be found here.  Part 3 will be posted on Thursday. By NAVID FARNIA On August 14th, Egypt’s military commenced a brutal attack on supporters of recently deposed President Mohamed Morsi.  The military massacred pro-Morsi protesters … Continue reading