Critical Writing and Political Censorship

By NAVID FARNIA   During the writing process, I occasionally find myself stuck between what I want to and what I should say.  While I want to be completely blunt, I realize this is not the most constructive way to make a convincing argument.  As a result, I usually conclude that finding a middle ground, where … Continue reading

Race and Genocide: “A Nation of Laws”

Note: This is the second article in a two-part series on race and genocide.  The first article, “How Trayvon Martin’s Murder Became Deracialized,” can be found here. By NAVID FARNIA          Since its inception, the United States’ legal system has consistently criminalized Black people.  “Fugitive Slave Laws,” convict lease and Stop and Frisk are but a … Continue reading

What is Racism?

By NAVID FARNIA Contrary to popular belief, editorial writing is more complex than academic writing.  I can say this because I have firsthand experience with both.  Producing a scholarly paper is by no means easy, but journalism holds you more accountable for your work.  When you are limited to a small amount of space – … Continue reading