Race, Fan Supremacy, and the Kaepernick Ordeal

By NAVID FARNIA I’ve always found the dynamic between athletes and fans unsettling, especially in football and basketball.  These are sports where most of the professional athletes are Black, competing inside defined boundaries before majority white audiences.  The athletes face rules that limit their movement beyond the lines in a physical sense.  But even when … Continue reading

Why I Won’t Root for the Cleveland Cavaliers

By NAVID FARNIA The NBA Finals begin tonight, as Golden State takes on Cleveland in a seven-game series for the title.  As an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, my season was lost before the playoffs even started.  But I’ve still watched these playoffs closely.  Being an avid NBA follower, I like some teams more than others, … Continue reading

How David Stern Whitewashed the NBA

By NAVID FARNIA After thirty years as the NBA’s commissioner, David Stern retired on February 1st, relinquishing the post to his protégé, Adam Silver.  In recent days, many columnists, television commentators and former players have lauded Stern’s work and christened him the greatest commissioner in sports history.  “David Stern, who in my opinion has been … Continue reading

The Most Racialized Team in Sports

By NAVID FARNIA As a lifelong basketball fan born and raised in Oklahoma City, it goes without saying that the Oklahoma City Thunder are my favorite NBA team.  I was thrilled when they made the NBA Finals last season and was rooting hard for them to win the championship; but they eventually fell short to … Continue reading