The United States’ New Strategy in the Middle East

The U.S.’s strategy of war from afar is helping to make its presence in the Middle East more sustained, systematic and permanent.

Syria Under Fire, Egypt Under the Radar, U.S. Bombs Away (Part 1)

Note: This is the first article in a three-part series.  Part 2, which analyzes the U.S.’s role in Egypt’s political crisis, will appear on Saturday. By NAVID FARNIA          It became increasingly clear this week that Congress would vote against a resolution authorizing U.S. President Barack Obama to begin military strikes on Syria.  Taking a preemptive … Continue reading

Snowden and Sovereignty

By NAVID FARNIA Disturbing news regarding the U.S.’s pursuit of whistleblower Edward Snowden made headlines this past week.  Bolivian President Evo Morales’ airplane, traveling from Russia back to Bolivia, was rerouted to Austria last Tuesday due to suspicions that Snowden might be aboard.  France, Italy, Spain and Portugal refused to allow Morales’ plane to enter … Continue reading