Why I Won’t Root for the Cleveland Cavaliers

By NAVID FARNIA The NBA Finals begin tonight, as Golden State takes on Cleveland in a seven-game series for the title.  As an Oklahoma City Thunder fan, my season was lost before the playoffs even started.  But I’ve still watched these playoffs closely.  Being an avid NBA follower, I like some teams more than others, … Continue reading

Syria Under Fire, Egypt Under the Radar, U.S. Bombs Away (Part 3)

Note: This is the third article in a three-part series examining the U.S.’s role in the Middle East.  Part 1, which specifically looked at the U.S.’s push for military strikes on Syria, can be found here.  Part 2, which analyzed U.S.-Egypt relations, is here. By NAVID FARNIA   Early in its nationhood, the United States dealt … Continue reading